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Humidification and evaporative cooling

DriSteem is a premier provider of humidification and evaporative cooling system solutions. Since 1965, DriSteem has produced custom offerings for critical applications such as health care and other facilities requiring precise environmental control.

Through extensive research and development we continue to develop industry-leading innovations that greatly improve methods for cooling and adding moisture to air with precise control. Our focus on quality is evident in the superior construction of DriSteem products and in our exceptional service to customers.

What's New!


NEW Humidifier De-scaling Pump Kit

Keep your humidifiers operating as effienctly as possible with our new de-scaling pump kit. This circulating pump agitates the water and greatly increases the effect the de-scaling solution has on removing chalky scale deposits.


DriSteem's Low-Maintenance Humidification System 
Chosen as Money-Saving Product by BUILDINGS Magazine

We are proud to announce that BUILDINGS magazine has selected our Low-Maintenance Humidification System as a 2015 Money-Saving Product winner – part of an elite group of 83 products showcased in the magazine's June 2015 issue.


Our Low-Maintenance Humidification System 
named Consulting-Specifying Engineer 
Magazine Product of the Year finalist!

We're excited to announce that DriSteem's low-maintenance humidification system has just been named as one of the five finalists in the Air Movement and Humidification category for the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2015 Product of the Year program.

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It's here: The all-new DriCalc4 is ready, right now, for you to use!

We hope you are as excited as we are about our completely redesigned sizing and selection tool. We think you'll like the new web-based platform, exportable reports, and project sharing capabilities.


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Water Treatment Systems

DriSteem's reverse osmosis systems and water softeners prevent humidifier maintenance headaches, maximize system uptime, extend life of equipment and provide system controllability.

Whether they're used as stand-alone systems or in conjuction with our humidification and evaporative cooling products, DriSteem's new water treatment systems are capable of supplying high-purity treated water for any process.

Learn more about DriSteem's water treatment systems.

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